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Chapter One ... Just Suddenly Unable to Make the Rainbows
I, who was a rainbow craftsman, began to remember when I was a dolphin in the past
Chapter Two ... The Dark Night at Sea
I was swimming and swimming at the sea in the dark seeking for light
Chapter Three... The Seaweed Named "Forgiving"
In search of the seaweed "Forgiving"being taught that things do not go well because of having"Too Much Expectation"
Chapter Four ... The Mermaids of the Blue Cove
Due to the pearl discovered at the sea-bottom, the mermaids and I were able to regain our forgotten songs
Chapter Five ... The One-Eyed Goddess
'How foolish it is for people to fight'......How the story of the Goddess shook my heart
Chapter Six ... The Dancing Ball of the Sea Company
It was supposed to be a fun ball......I wanted to know the reason behind her tears, of the pink dolphin
Chapter Seven... Let Your Anger Grow
My heart became edgy because of a trivial fight, and the crab said to me,"Free your emotions."
Chapter Eight... To the Truly Precious You
I am not alone anymore. I clearly feel the company of my friends
Chapter Nine ... The Finding of the Treasure of the Heart
"You are a precious person,"the Wind whispers. Yes, I am an indispensable precious being
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