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Chapter Four
The Mermaids of the Blue Cove

r, um, er, can you please kindly tell me where the Blue Cove is?"I asked.
"Oh, it's right here, "she said.
"But it's very muddy here although its name is Blue Cove, but......?"
"It's been that way ever since I got here. Although I heard it used to be blue long time ago. Okay, did you get that? Oh, names don't matter anyway. More than that, we are having an important discussion right now, so."

"What do you mean by important discussion?"
"It's an argument for who gets to sit on this rock. We've been discussing this argument for three years now."
"It doesn't matter who sits upon the rock. It'll be okay, won't it?"I said.
"No, it doesn't work that way. Listen, there are rules that apply to the various things in the world. Rules itself are important. For example, if someone comes and goes and sits on your own rock as they please, I'm sure that you won't find it pleasant that way. Therefore, it won't work if we don't decide properly whose rock it is."
"Hmm. It's certainly true this rock is too small for everyone to take a seat on."
"Right? So that is why it is all the more necessary for each one to assert herself and claim it belongs to one."
"Then why don't they take turns to sit on it?"
"If we do that, then the order of who gets to sit first will become a problem."
"Oh, dear, not that issue again,"another mermaid said as she came our way.
She was plump and chubby, and seemed as though she was taking the leader's role for everyone.
"Don't all of you know what it means to make mutual concessions and offer each other the seat? Really, nothing good has turned out since the rock came into being."
"The rock came into being?"

"That's right. I was still a child then. There were two young mermaids, and both of them were wonderful players on the harp. We all used to sing alot to the music of their harp. But one day, the harp players started to have a fight over a certain matter. They fought over who can play the most beautiful tone on the harp than the other. Their fight lasted a year. Due to the fight, no one was able to play the harp anymore, since we lost our harp players, and nobody was able to sing anymore. All the songs and the music and the singing voices had vanished in this area. When the God of the Sea heard about what happened, he was very mad, and then had changed the two mermaids into the rock. The God of the Sea was very fond of the music, you know. Because of the disappearance of the music and the singing voices, this cove had turned into a muddy cove, and as you could see, it has become such a noisy cove now."